Increase Sales

and grow your business with flexible financing and services.

By leveraging the experience, success, and financial strength of Asset Finance Group, your organization will benefit from creative solutions that give you a powerful competitive advantage providing your customers with immediate access to your products and services.


Why Offer Financing to Your Customers?

It's a WIN-WIN for both you and your customers. As an Asset Finance Group financial partner, you can increase the value of your core services by offering financing options to your clients, giving them significant tax advantages and return on investment. In turn, you'll benefit from increased sales, higher gross margins, and accelerated revenue.

Benefits include:

  • Getting the technology and equipment they need now
  • Upgrades during their lease term
  • Tax advantages
  • One-stop shopping—for hardware, software, services and financing

What Can Your Customers Finance?

  • Information Technology Hardware and Software
  • Networking and Telecommunications Equipment
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Office Systems
  • Office Furniture
  • Material Handling Equipment (e.g., conveyer systems, fork lifts, inventory systems)
  • Manufacturing Production Line, Process Control, and Quality Control Systems
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles

About Us

Leverage the Expertise of A Leader

What differentiates Asset Finance Group from our competition? The key is our proven, customized approach to financing and leasing. With a clear understanding of your business and market trends, our program is specifically structured for each organization and your sales processes. Our superior service is a result of:

  • Quick turnaround as we have our own credit committee
  • Larger breadth of credit because we are not a bank
  • Increased contract flexibility because we are not a broker or a bank
  • We understand Technology Finance – for more than 20 years
  • Single POC for ALL markets – commercial, federal, and state and local

We also offer a complete spectrum of services:

  • True leases, straight financing, and installment payment agreements for commercial, education, non-profit, local, state, and federal government markets
  • Government contracting and legal vertical expertise
  • Bid review, analysis, and strategy
  • Financing of ELAs, rolled in out-year maintenance and installation services
  • Back office services (including tax compliance, billing,and collection) - Value-added offerings in eProcurement andasset management

Designated program managers from Asset Finance Group work together with your staff to ensure customer requirements are met. Even the smallest detail is addressed. We can create tailored support agreements that best fit your needs (for instance, to recondition or remarket equipment). We can even offer special pricing to make the leasing and financing solutions more attractive to your customers.


Serving a Wide Range of Customers.

The Asset Finance Group team has more than two decades of demonstrated success delivering innovative financing and leasing solutions to government, non-profit, and commercial organizations.



We offer a variety of financing and leasing solutions (including operating and capital leases and loan structures) for equipment, software, and services.



We know how federal government contractors operate, and understand the nuances of their requirements (including GSA Schedules, RFPs, IFBs, LTOP, LSOP, and LWOP financing as well as off balance sheet and off budget financing).We have worked with both defense and civilian agencies as well as federal government prime contractors and vendors.

State, Local, and Education

State, Local, & Education

We have extensive experience tailoring solutions in tax-exempt financing and have helped states, cities, counties, school districts, universities, and more.



Asset Finance Group also has a great deal of experience working with non-profit organizations, enabling them to take advantage of cash flow benefits and grow their organizations.

Our Process

A Streamlined Process Ensures Success.

Asset Finance Group recognizes that your customers operate complex networks and have a wide variety of concerns, only part of which are financial. Establishing a customized financial program through Asset Finance Group gives you the winning combination of your organization's unique capabilities and the financial expertise of Asset Finance Group. Here's how it works.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA): Many of your clients will be unfamiliar with the benefits of leasing. So the first step is a little education. Show them how leasing can help them get the products they need now, while giving them tax advantages down the road. Once they understand what leasing can do for them, have them request a quote. Request a Quote from Asset Finance Group: To request a quote, provide the following information: Your customer's company name, the total cost of hardware, software and installation, and their D&B number (if available). Along with the quote request, specify whether you want it to go directly to your client, or to you. Contract and Quote Sent to You (or Client) from Asset Financial Group: Within an agreed upon time frame, you will get a response from Asset Finance Group. Please, Sign Here: When the quote is accepted, your client will sign a contract from Asset Finance Group and we will send a PO to the OEM or channel partner.
Licenses or Equipment Shipped to Client: Once we issue a PO, equipment or licenses are sent to your client, and an invoice is sent to Asset Finance Group. Asset Finance Group Confirms Customer Acceptance Asset Finance Group Pays OEM or Channel Partner Per Agreement Asset Finance Group Bills the Client

Contact Us

If you have questions about Asset Finance Group or need help with a transaction, contact us today

By working with Asset Finance Group, your client gets the equipment or services they need, affordably, and you get immediate payment. Asset Finance Group handles the on-going arrangements of the transaction, creating a WIN-WIN for both you and your customers.

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